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This week I finished up two custom projects for some amazing clients / friends. The first project was a for a woman who wanted a custom name mandala for a group of her friends so we worked together to create personalized designs for each of them – she was thrilled with the results and I thoroughly enjoyed working on them.

The second project was the one I posted yesterday of the 8” abstract embroidery hoop for the Munchkin / Witch’s Cat in Wizard of Oz. I loved the way it turned out and my friend was so happy with it – she loves it and appreciates the work as much as I do, which is an incredible feeling. As an artist it can be difficult to explain the feeling I get when creating something but when someone else “gets it”… it’s the best feeling ever.

All the while working on these two projects I felt great about the actual physical work of it and didn’t doubt myself along the way. It’s an amazing feeling when you find the work you were meant to do in life and then meet people who are meant to receive that work. The energy that is created throughout the entire process is magical – it’s so positive and affirming and uplifting… This is the energy I want to bring into existence on a daily basis. This is why I create the things I do.

Too often we are told we can’t or shouldn’t do the things we love, especially when that thing is a creative endeavor, because it’s ‘impractical’ or won’t pay the bills. Young creatives are discouraged about their dreams and often don’t get the support they need and deserve. They are steered towards more ‘practical’ careers like engineering, teaching, medical… when their hearts are truly aligned with the arts.

I hope that if you’re reading this and you’re thinking you shouldn’t pursue a creative dream, that you reconsider. I hope that you try. You deserve to have your creative art seen by those who “get it”. The world needs more powerfully creative energy.

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