Commission Custom Abstract Hoop


Order your own custom abstract embroidery hoop in a variety of sizes!

Choose from colors available from the artist or send in your own fabric scraps to be incorporated into the final piece. Document a special occasion by including a bit of the fabric worn (wedding dress, baby blanket…), or even some of the materials from the day (a paper invitation, a tassel from a graduation cap…).

These one of a kind fiber art pieces can also be used to memorialize a loved one. You can create a beautiful piece of artwork that represents your loved one and the colors and materials that bring you joy. Fabric scraps from favorite clothing or blankets can be included into the piece(s).

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions N/A

4” $20, 6” $45, 8” $80, 10” $125, 12” $180, 14” $245, 20” $500, 23” $660


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