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By Robert E. Jakoubek;Heather Lehr Wagner

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But the winds of change were beginning to blow more strongly, even in Alabama. In May 1954, the United States Supreme Court issued a 32 Montgomery monumental decision. In the case of Brown v. Board of Education, the court stated, by unanimous vote, “Separate educational facilities are inherently unequal . . ” The court, in one stroke, had cut down a central tenet of Southern life: segregating school children by race. Anyone who hoped the system of separate schools for blacks and whites would disappear peacefully or quickly was to be sadly disappointed.

On every line, on every bus, black Montgomerians, nearly to a person, honored the boycott. Some took cabs, some drove with friends, one man rode a mule, and a great many walked. As King crisscrossed the city, he counted only eight blacks riding on buses. At nine o’clock that morning, hundreds of blacks crowded about the courthouse for the trial of Rosa Parks. In a matter of minutes, the judge found her guilty of violating a state segregation law and fined her $10 and court costs. She and her attorney appealed the verdict, setting in motion a legal challenge to segregation.

Yet it was the 28-year-old preacher from Montgomery who outshone these luminaries and touched the crowd in a way no one else could. ” Not long afterward, the Amsterdam News, the largest black paper in the country, echoed the sentiments of most who had “The Number One Leader” 49 heard and seen King in the nation’s capital. ” Ghana’s Independence In March 1957, the African nation of Ghana officially won its independence from Britain. A week of celebrations marked the birth of the new nation. S. Vice President Richard Nixon and Martin Luther King, Jr.

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