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Delton Horn has been an electronics experimenter for over 18 years and has labored in various fields as an electronics technician. he's now occupied as a full-time technical writer. All sixteen of those initiatives have been extracted from six of his top tasks books at present released by way of TAB. those books are: 117Practical IC tasks you could construct

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7-7. The LM380 is ideal for use in inexpensive ceramic cartridge phonographs. 38 Table 7-2. Parts list for Fig. 7-7. 047 pF capacitor C2 500 nF electrolytic capacitor R1 R2 R3 25 K potentiometer 75 K resistor 10 K potentiometer in Table 7-2. Potentiometer Rl is a simple voltage-divider volume control. Potentiometer R3 is a basic tone control, making the high frequency roll-off characteristics of the circuit manually adjustable. Most serious phonograph applications require frequency shaping to provide the standard RIAA equalization characteristic.

43 PROJECT 9: Hi-Fi Tone Controls Tone controls fitted to domestic radios and equivalent circuits are seldom of high quality. This does not usually matter for AM reception (which can never be hi-fi); but can degrade the performance on FM reception. Similar remarks apply to the tone controls fitted to lower priced record players and tape recorders. High quality tone controls generally demand quite complex circuits. ICs enable the number of discrete components required to be substantially reduced and at the same time offer other advantages such as a high input impedance that matches a typical high impedance source.

All commercially available records are equalized according to the RIAA standards. Obviously, if the complementary frequency-response shaping isn't included in the playback, the reproduced sound won't be as good as it should be. Figure 7-8 shows a LM380-based phonograph amplifier circuit with full RIAA equalization. The parts list is given in Table 7-3. Fig. 7-8. This phonograph amplifier includes RIAA equalization. 39 Table 7-3. Parts List for Fig. 7-8. 5 Meg resistor 2 Meg potentiometer 500 pF electrolytic capacitor The mid-band gain can be defined with this formula: G = (Rl + 150000) /150000 The constant 150000 represents the internal resistance presented within the LM380 itself.

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