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By R. Veenhoven

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Panama and Yugoslavia Pooling of the Cantril (1965) samples of the Dominican Republic, Panama and Yugoslavia (see CANTR 65). 1: Single closed question on personal situation as co~ared Ojith the best and the Ojorst possible life, rated on an 11-point self-anchoring scale (Cantril Present Persona 1 rating; see CANTR 65). 1); various Marital status comparisons (M 1) CONCLUSION: In countries, Ojhere children are an econolllic asset, they raise the satisfaction Ojith life of their parents. In other countries children either lessen or raise the status of the parents, depending on social class.

Assessment and elaboration of the relation between having children and happiness in past, present and future. Parent-child interaction; Rollings & feldman (1g70) explanatory, explorative, national populations, snapshot, non-experimental Cantril (1965) data, gathered by structured interview, using native interviewers in each country (see CANTR 65) 1960 married people in the Dominican Republic, Panama and Yugoslavia. S. S. 1: Single closed question on personal situation as compared with best and worst possible life, rated on an ll-point self-anchoring scale (Cantril Present Personal rating; see CANTR 65).

Journal of Gerontology, 1970, vol. 25, nr I, p. 41-47. Exallination of dellOgraphic and social psychological variables related to life satisfaction and their impact. Happiness research; Cantril (1965), Neugarten et a1. S. -data, gathered by structured interview (see CANTR 65). A. A. ple; see CANTR 65). Test for sample representativiness showed no~significant differences for age, race, econOilic level and education; oIJerrepresentation of divorced females; underrepresentation of widowed females (as assessed by the 1960 census of the continental United States).

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