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A) Strategy Use the definition of average speed. Solution Find the average speed of the swimmer. 7 m s 60 s ∆t 14 min × + 53 s 1 min (b) Strategy and Solution The swimmer pushes off from each end of the pool and he goes faster during the push-off than when swimming. 201 Chapter 2: Motion Along a Line Physics 57. (a) Strategy Use Eqs. (2-3) and (2-13) since the acceleration is constant. Solution Find the distance traveled. 0 s) = 224 m . 2 2 (b) Strategy Use the definition of average acceleration.

0 N is if the vectors are in the same direction. (b) Recognizing that the three vectors form a 3-4-5 right triangle, we know that the vectors are perpendicular. 0. 212 Physics Chapter 3: Motion in a Plane 4. Strategy Use the definitions of distance and displacement, and the properties of circles. Solution (a) Halfway around the track is a distance equal to half of the circumference of the circular track. 300 m = 150 m 2 (b) The displacement is the shortest distance between the starting and ending points of the run.

0 m horizontally. (b) Strategy The ball is still in the air. Set the final position equal to zero in Eq. (4-9) to find the time when the ball hits the ground. Solution Find the elapsed time. 69 s. Find the landing position. 8 m. 228 Physics Chapter 3: Motion in a Plane 49. Strategy Use Eqs. (3-13) and (3-14). Set vfy = 0, since the vertical component of the velocity is zero at the maximum height. Solution (a) Find the maximum height. 9 m . 80 m s 2 ) (b) At the ball’s highest point, vfy = 0, so the speed v equals vx .

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