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By C. S. Friedman

ISBN-10: 0756403189

ISBN-13: 9780756403188

ISBN-10: 0886777178

ISBN-13: 9780886777173

Not going allies Damien and Tarrant are confronted with an enemy who may possibly end up invulnerable-a demon who has declared conflict on mankind. referred to as Calesta, he's a grasp of phantasm and devourer of ache, and he plans to remake the human species until eventually it exists in basic terms to sate his unquenchable thirst for agony. The struggle opposed to Calesta will take Damien and Tarrant from the depths of Hell to the birthplace of demons and beyond-in a conflict which may price them not just their lives, however the very soul of mankind.

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But a question like this, so casually voiced, so casually answered ... one might unravel that with care and uncover a hint of artifice, a fleeting breath of warning. "He was the one who tricked you, yes? " Nothing. There was nothing. Despite himself he relaxed a bit. "Go through that volume," he commanded. "Look for his name, or anything like it. Or any mention of his aspect, which is sadism. " He looked at Amoril and relaxed a bit. What had he expected? That the one man who needed him most would betray him?

He turned back to the priest, revulsion thick in his throat. / didn't do it for you, he thought darkly. Knowing that this man would never understand what had happened here today, or its importance. To them it was a simple assault, terrifying but finite; to him it was but one more battle in the war for men's souls. The siren of an ambulance wagon was drawing near as he exited the temple. He strode through the throng of gawkers as though they were ghosts, and like fearful wraiths they parted, making way for him.

Vryce traveling with a creature so evil that its presence was a lightless blot on the Patriarch's dreamscape, a blackness that reeked of hunger and death and the foulest of human corruption. At first the Patriarch had taken these for simple nightmares, and had thought little of them. Considering his fury over Vryce's behavior and his dismay at the man's choice of traveling companion, it was amazing that he had not suffered from such dreams long before this. But then there came other dreams, with more familiar subjects.

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