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By Georges Florovsky

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But it is not so easy to demonstrate the absence of any internal "necessity" in this self-determination, in the revelation of God ad extra. Here, the thought is beset by alluring temptations. The question may be put in this manner: Is the attribute of Creator and Sustainer to be considered as belonging to the essential and formative properties of the Divine Being? The thought of the Divine immutability may prevent us from giving a negative answer. Precisely so did Origen reason in his time. ч*—"Just as nobody can be a father without having a son, nor a lord without holding a possession or a slave," reasons Origen, "so too we cannot even call God Almighty— Pantocrator if there are no creatures over whom he can exercise His power.

Because the word of God must not be imagined as like the spoken word of. manJ, which, when it has been pronounced, straightway desists and vanishes in air. "V God "created all things, that they might have their being" (Wis. 14). And not for the time being, but for ever did He create: He brought creation into being by His creative word. "For He hath established the world, so that it shall not be moved" (Ps. 93:1). The world exists. But it began to exist. And that means: the world could have not existed.

1S Even on the most exalted heights of prayerful ascent and Creation and Creaturehood 47 intimacy thgre is ^lways an impassable limit, there can always be perceived and revealed the living duality of God and creation. "He is God, and she is non-God," said Macârius "the Great" of the soul. "14 Any transubstantiation of creaturely nature into the Divine is as impossible as the changing of God into creation, and any "coalescence" and "fusion^ of natures is excluded. " Ούδαμου τ η ς τ ω ν φύσεων διαφοράς άνηρημένες δια τ η ν ενωσιν, σωζόμενης δε μάλλον τ η ς ιδιότητος έ κ α τ έ ρ α ς φύσεως (the δρος of Chalcedon).

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