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Ten biographies of girls reformers from all over the world who've made a distinction within the geographical regions of politics, social equality, incapacity, and women's rights. From the paintings of abolitionist Sojourner fact and ladies like South Africa's anti-apartheid activist Ruth First and America's feminist chief Gloria Steinem. additionally incorporated are Michelle Douglas, a campaigner for lesbian and homosexual rights, and Temple Grandin, recommend for the rights of animals and a lady who has revolutionized the best way the area seems at individuals with autism. the gathering of biographies is rounded out with the tales of France's Olympe de Gouges, India's Sarojini Naidu, American Joan Baez, and Canadians Leilani Muir and Shannen Koostachin.

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It ruled colonies and territories around the world, including India. Achieving India’s freedom would become Sarojini’s life work, for which she would travel to England many more times, but as a teenager, she was mostly interested in poetry. She spent time with literary people, worked on her writing, and seemed to have little interest in her studies. She returned to India in 1898, and married the man she still loved, Govindarajulu, that year. They had to marry in a non-religious ceremony to avoid the law preventing marriages between castes.

1879 – 1949 There was little about Sarojini Naidu that appeared revolutionary. She was a poet who loved to dress in colorful clothes and clinging silk saris. ” Yet Sarojini was courageous enough to stand weaponless before enemies who were armed. ” She was tough enough to endure numerous times in jail. She did all this because she had an unwavering belief she must free her country from the rule of those she said had become “blind and drunk” with power. In the end, she helped overthrow the world’s mightiest empire.

Because she repeated this question each time she pointed out that she was no different than men, and she deserved equal rights: “I could work as much and eat as much as a man – when I could get it – and bear the lash as well! ” At this time, Sojourner was about fifty-four years old. She preached in twenty-one states and one district, and her fame grew with each appearance. It grew even more when her life was made into a book, the Narrative of Sojourner Truth. In Northampton, she had dictated her story to a female friend, and when it was finally published in 1850, the money it earned helped Sojourner buy her first home in Massachusetts.

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