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By A. V. Knowles

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This set contains forty volumes masking nineteenth and twentieth century eu and American authors. those volumes could be on hand as an entire set, mini boxed units (by subject matter) or as person volumes. This moment set compliments the 1st sixty eight quantity set of severe background released through Routledge in October 1995.

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64) was hesitant, yet it is not untypical of him to see the best qualities of the book in the atmosphere of love and forgiveness that surrounds the ‘deathbed’ scene after Anna had given birth to Vronsky’s daughter. But what of the professional critics? Why was their response in the main so hostile? Some of the adverse comments are explained by the length of time between the appearance of the various instalments. Reviews were published after each part came out but the long gaps when the ‘Russian Messenger’ had nothing further from Tolstoy led some to suggest endings of their own, most of which were of ironic scabrousness; others grew tired of waiting and expressed their irritation in satire and general denigration and one critic even suggested that Tolstoy was in cahoots with Katkov, the editor of the ‘Russian Messenger’, and was stringing the narrative out simply to fill the journal’s empty pages and earn himself some extra money (see No.

58); so full of praise was Tolstoy for everything Russian that it was surprising that he had omitted to comment on the wonderful Russian bath-houses: his powers of description would be put to their full use by telling us how Vronsky took a bath after his fall in the steeplechase and his notable use of contrast as an artistic device would be seen in his comparison between the heat of the bath-house and that of Vronsky’s passion for Anna; and that could be contrasted with a description of Anna taking a bath herself when we could be treated to a portrait of her in rather more detail than that of Hélène’s shoulders….

And the notorious scene of Kitty’s examination by the doctors is seen by Skabichevsky as further evidence of Tolstoy’s anti-Europeanism—it is clearly an attack on doctors and medicine, and they, of course, were introduced into Russia by the Germans. M. Antonovich attacked the novel for its actual lack of tendentiousness but more particularly for its quietist philosophy. (83) Views such as these were typical of those who, even if they admitted to Tolstoy’s powers as a writer, nevertheless accused him of being a poor thinker.

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