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By J. W. Lyle Jr.

Plane layout 1 (1998) 51—60

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And used as engine test beds just before the outbreak of World War II. Some of them had served for 14 years, alongside their more illustrious progeny, the Junkers-Ju 52/3m. M. 1935 Destroyed by fire Sept. 1928 Destroyed by fire Dec. M. M. M. M. 1935 Abbrev. M .. ReichsluftfahrtministeriurTi Note All aircraft delivered 1928-1930. THt JUNKERS-G TRIMOTOR SERIES Dimensions First Flight Date Length Span G 24 1925 51 '6" 98'1" 11 '5" 9 F 24 1928 51 '3" 85'3" 11 '5" 9 G 31 1926 56'8" 99'5" 19'8" 15 Type Height Pass.

1931 EU-V 19 June 1932 EU-VI 16 July 1932 EU-VII 23 Feb. 1933 EU-VIII 17 March 1933 Junkers-W 34 EU-I 31 May 1933 EU-II 31 May 1933 EU-1I1 4 Sept. 1933 EU-V 11 March 1935 EU-III 25 March 1935 EU-VI 25 June 1935 Junkers-Ju 52/3m EU-XV 11 Sept. 1934 EU-XVII 24 Oct. 1935 EU-XVIII 29 Dec. 1935 EU-XIX 19 July 1936 EU-XX 11 March 1937 EU-XXI 27 May 1937 EU-XXII 14 March 1938 EU-XXIII 6 Sept. 1938 EU-XXIV I 26 15 Dec. Crashed near Shanghai 1932 Aug. Bombed by Japanese at 1937 Shanghai 26 Aug. 1932 2 July 1931 1 Feb.

Headed by Dipl-Ing Walter Jastram, the mission included two pilots and a mechanic, who assembled a Junkers-F 13 which had arrived in three pieces by train. It made its first flight on 27 July 1925 and a few days later carried the first Bolivian fare-paying air passenger, to Sucre, guided by a Bolivian copilot who knew the way. ), naming Guillermo Kyllman as the first president. Scheduled service began with the F 13 EI Oriente on 24 December 1925, from Cochabamba, at almost 8,000 feet altitude, to Santa Cruz, down on the plain closer to sea level.

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