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They seem to lack an anterior spine as in phocids and in contrast to and lack of a postorbital process. With the addiavailable the following can be is wide posteriorly, the mastoid process is hypertrophied. and there is a depression anterior to the median lacerate foramen for the first loop of the internal carotid. The latter feature is correlated in Allocyon with a deeply excavated lateral margin of the basioccipital for reception of the carotid artery and inferior petrosal sinus, typical of ursids and amphicyonids.

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Hull. J. D. Beaulieu, and W. W. ). 1983. Correlation of Cenozoic stratigraphic units of western Oregon and Washington. Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Gas Investigations 7. Portland. Oregon. L. G. 1987. Aetiocetus and Chonecetus, primitive Oligocene toothed mysticetes and the origin of baleen whales. Journal of Industries Oil and Bames, Vertebrate Paleontology 7(3) supplement: 10A. 1989. Aetiocetus and Chonecetus (Mammalia: Cetacea); primitive Oligocene toothed mysticetes and the origin of baleen whales.

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