Download e-book for iPad: Color Atlas of Physiology (Basic Sciences) by Stefan Silbernagl, Agamemnon Despopoulos jr.

By Stefan Silbernagl, Agamemnon Despopoulos jr.

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ISBN-13: 9783135450063

Now in its sixth variation, the colour Atlas of body structure nonetheless convinces its readers. while many huge textbooks on body structure go away scholars floundering in a wealth of aspect, this colour atlas provides the topic in a concise, illustrative, and understandable way.It comprises every thing that clinical scholars want to know to cross their pre-clinical body structure checks. For this variation, the entire 188 colour plates and their accompanying texts were revised and up to date, taking into consideration the most recent advancements in learn. All subject matters within the publication are cross-referenced, providing the topic as a sequence of interconnected techniques. Blue highlights in and key phrases less than the texts reveal crucial medical functions and pathophysiologic links.For 25 years, the authors and illustrators have stronger and optimized this colour atlas, making it the suitable learn consultant whilst reviewing the topic ahead of an examination and a spouse to seem up the fundamentals of body structure in the course of scientific reports and perform.

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126) and Jdiff [mol ⋅ s–1] by Vdiff [m3⋅ s–1]. k · α · D is then summarized as diffusion conductance, or Krogh’s diffusion coefficient K [m2 ⋅ s–1 ⋅ Pa–1]. Substitution into Fick’s first diffusion equation yields . Vdiff ∆P ϭK⋅ [m ⋅ s–1]. 7] Since A and ∆x of alveolar gas exchange (Ǟ p. 120) cannot be determined in living organisms, K · F/∆x for O2 is often expressed as the O2 diffusion capacity of the lung, DL: . VO2 diff ϭ DL ⋅ ∆PO2 [m3 ⋅ s–1]. , formic acid, HCOOH) passes through a membrane more readily than the charged form (Ǟ F).

Sodium glucose transporter type 2, SGLT2) is coupled with the passive (downhill) transport of an ion (in this example Na+; Ǟ B1). In this case, the electrochemical Na+ gradient into the cell (created by Na+-K+-ATPase at another site on the cell membrane; Ǟ A) provides the driving force needed for secondary active uptake of glucose into the cell. Coupling of the transport of compounds across a membrane is called cotransport, which may be in the form of symport or antiport. Symport occurs when the compound and driving ion are transported across the membrane in the same direction (Ǟ B1–3).

These substances are kept “packed” and readily available in (clathrin-coated) secretory vesicles, waiting to be released when a certain signal is received (increase in cytosolic Ca2+). The “packing material” (vesicle membrane) is later re-endocytosed and recycled. Exocytotic membrane fusion also helps to insert vesiclebound proteins into the plasma membrane (Ǟ p. The liquid contents of the vesicle then are automatically emptied in a process called constitutive exocytosis (Ǟ D). In constitutive exocytosis, the protein complex coatomer (coat assembly protomer) takes on the role of clathrin (see above).

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Color Atlas of Physiology (Basic Sciences) by Stefan Silbernagl, Agamemnon Despopoulos jr.

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