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This introductory, algebra-based, two-semester collage physics booklet is grounded with real-world examples, illustrations, and factors to assist scholars seize key, basic physics recommendations. collage Physics contains studying targets, notion questions, hyperlinks to labs and simulations, and considerable perform possibilities to unravel conventional physics software difficulties. This ebook is out there at no cost on-line by way of looking for OpenStax university Physics

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10 During a 30-minute round trip to the store, the total distance traveled is 6 km. The average speed is 12 km/h. The displacement for the round trip is zero, since there was no net change in position. Thus the average velocity is zero. Another way of visualizing the motion of an object is to use a graph. A plot of position or of velocity as a function of time can be very useful. 11. (Note that these graphs depict a very simplified model of the trip. We are assuming that speed is constant during the trip, which is unrealistic given that we’ll probably stop at the store.

Time from a graph of position vs. time. • Derive a graph of acceleration vs. time from a graph of velocity vs. time. 35 36 CHAPTER 2 | KINEMATICS Introduction to One-Dimensional Kinematics Objects are in motion everywhere we look. Everything from a tennis game to a space-probe flyby of the planet Neptune involves motion. When you are resting, your heart moves blood through your veins. And even in inanimate objects, there is continuous motion in the vibrations of atoms and molecules. Questions about motion are interesting in and of themselves: How long will it take for a space probe to get to Mars?

2. For addition and subtraction: The answer can contain no more decimal places than the least precise measurement. 01 kg. 001 kg. 1 kg. How many kilograms of potatoes do you now have, and how many significant figures are appropriate in the answer? 2 kg. 7 kg. 1 decimal place. 2 kg. Significant Figures in this Text In this text, most numbers are assumed to have three significant figures. Furthermore, consistent numbers of significant figures are used in all worked examples. You will note that an answer given to three digits is based on input good to at least three digits, for example.

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