Chinook Jargon: The Hidden Language of the Pacific Northwest by Jim Holton PDF

By Jim Holton

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A enjoyable and fascinating examine the background, present prestige and linguistics of the Chinook Jargon pidgin. This publication presents the visitor and resident alike with a distinct perception into a space the place few smooth explorers enterprise – local American languages. As custodians in their cultures, those languages are disappearing from the North American panorama. 200 90 of the three hundred indigenous languages should be extinct in the subsequent century except current developments are reversed. Chinook Jargon is the main obtainable of the entire local American languages. With a small utilitarian vocabulary and simple syntax, it was once the lingua franca of the Northwest for many of the 1800s. 100000 local american citizens, settlers and immigrants have been utilizing it in 1875. adequate Chinook Jargon will be discovered in a couple of hours to get pleasure from easy dialog. This e-book presents further leisure by means of decoding position names within the Northwest. You’ll support safeguard this American pidgin via partaking during this enriching adventure.

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You can use them when you wawa Chinuk wawa, or you can use them mixed with English, as you tramp around the Northwest. dêlet This word means straight, direct, without equivocation. ” Dêlet makes a statement positive and removes any element of doubt. Anything dêlet is the genuine article. ” The real meaning of kêltês is that the item or activity has no purpose or is somehow diminished. It’s not a moral issue. It is just in a diminished state. If something is really wicked, use masachi instead. If something just lacks a purpose, use kêltês.

James G. ”) 28 3 Grammar Like the grammar of any other language, Chinook Jargon grammar provides a target for speakers. Chinook Jargon was spoken over a large geographical area and by people from diverse backgrounds. Chinook Jargon varied from place to place and over time. The main rule in speaking Chinook Jargon is to speak so you are understood and try your best to understand the other speaker. You will need to be exible, so hang loose. A complete grammar of Chinook Jargon is beyond the scope of this book.

Nay-ka). The major exceptions to this are words derived from French nouns. , li-mo-to) The Barred-L The barred-L sound (see page 22), represented as an “ł” in the international phonetic alphabet, is not found in English, but is found in many other languges, including Welsh. In the mouths of some Chinook Jargon speakers, the barred-L became a “kl” at the beginning of words and just an “l” in the middle of words. The pronunciation of Chinook Jargon in slang and place names reects this. The modern pronunciation of “Alki Beach,” “klahowya,” and “klahanie” are examples of this.

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