Chemical Reaction Engineering—Boston by James Wei, Christos Georgakis PDF

By James Wei, Christos Georgakis

ISBN-10: 0841207321

ISBN-13: 9780841207325

ISBN-10: 0841209200

ISBN-13: 9780841209206

content material: Catalytic air oxidation of propylene to acrolein : modeling according to facts from an business fixed-bed reactor / D. Arntz, okay. Knapp, G. Prescher, G. Emig, and H. Hofmann --
Simultaneous uncorrelated alterations of method variables in a fixed-bed reactor / A. Baiker, M. Bergougnan, and W. Richarz --
Direct relief of iron ore in a moving-bed reactor : analyzed by utilizing the water fuel shift response / R. Hughes and E.K.T. Kam : a simulation of coke burning in a fixed-bed reactor / W.-K. Liaw, J. Villadsen, and R. Jackson --
effect of porosity and speed distribution at the theoretical prediction of fixed-bed chemical reactor functionality : comparability with experimental facts / D. Vortmeyer and R.P. iciness --
a unique technique for selecting the multiplicity gains of multi-reaction structures / Vemuri Balakotaiah and Dan Luss --
response price oscillations in the course of the carbon monoxide oxidation response over Pt/[gamma]-Al₂O₃ catalysts : an IR-transmission spectroscopy research / A.E. Elhaderi and T.T. Tsotsis --
Multiplicity and propagating fronts in adiabatic and nonadiabatic fixed-bed reactors / V. Hlavacek, J. Puszynski, and P. Van Rompay --
pressured composition biking experiments in a fixed-bed ammonia synthesis reactor / A.K. Jain, P.L. Silveston, and R.R. Hudgins --
Dynamic habit of an business scale fixed-bed catalytic reactor / L.S. Kershenbaum and F. Lopez-Isunza --
Modeling advanced response platforms in fluidized-bed reactors / Werner Bauer and Joachim Werther --
Runaway in an commercial hydrogenation reactor / Gerhart Eigenberger and Ulrike Wegerle --
Transitions among periodic and chaotic states in a continuing stirred reactor / J. Mankin, P. Lamba, and J.L. Hudson --
online estimation of the nation of biochemical reactors / Gregory Stephanopoulos and Ka-Yiu San --
fee oscillations in the course of propylene oxide oxidation on silver motion pictures in a continuing stirred reactor / Michael Stoukides, Savvas Seimanides, and Costas Vayenas --
Steam reforming of traditional fuel : intrinsic kinetics, diffusional affects, and reactor layout / J.C. De Deken, E.F. Devos, and G.F. Froment --
temporary kinetics of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis / E. Ph. Kieffer and H.S. Van Der Baan --
Rival kinetic versions within the oxidation of carbon monoxide over a silver catalyst via the temporary reaction technique / Masayoshi Kobayashi --
Mass move and product selectivity in a automatically stirred Fischer-Tropsch slurry reactor / Charles N. Satterfield and George A. Huff, Jr. --
The Fischer-Tropsch synthesis through amorphous Fe₂₀Ni₆₀P₂₀ and Fe₉₀Zr₁₀ catalysts / Akinori Yokoyama, Hiroshi Komiyama, Hakuai Inoue, Tsuyoshi Masumoto, and Hisamichi Kimura --
Modeling zeolite catalyst deactivation via coking and nitrogen compound poisoning / Chen-Chih Lin and William J. Hatcher, Jr. --
expense of oxidation of ammonia on platinum wires, ribbons, and gauzes / C.W. Nutt, S. Kapur, and A. Majeed --
Dynamic discernment of catalytic kinetics / Deepak Perti and Robert L. Kabel --
Hydrogenation functionality of unpolluted and deactivated hydrocracking catalysts : cyclohexene hydrogenation / S.R. Pookote, J.S. Dranoff, and J.B. Butt --
non-stop response fuel chromatography : the dehydrogenation of cyclohexane over Pt/[gamma]-Al₂O₃ / Alan W. Wardwell, Robert W. Carr, Jr., and Rutherford Aris --
Catalyst decay in the course of hydrotreatment of a heavy coal oil / Hong Ju Chang, Mayis Seapan, and Billy L. Crynes --
The steady-state permeation version for underground coal gasification / Henry W. Haynes, Jr. --
A pore diffusion version of char gasification with simultaneous sulfur seize / Klavs F. Jensen, William Bartok, and Howard Freund --
Nitric oxide aid through hydrogen and carbon monoxide over char floor : primary kinetics for nitric oxide emission keep watch over from fluidized-bed combustor of coal / Takehiko Furusawa, Mikio Tsunoda, and Daizo Kunii --
brief simulation of moving-bed coal gasifiers / Wen-Ching Yu, Morton M. Denn, and James Wei --
Simultaneous mass move of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide with advanced chemical response in an aqueous diisopropanolamine resolution / P.M.M. Blauwhoff and W.P.M. Van Swaaij --
Hydrodynamics and mass move in pulsing trickle-bed columns / J.R. Blok and A.A.H. Drinkenburg --
The percolation concept : a robust software for a unique method of the layout of trickle-bed reactors and columns / M.D. Crine and G.A. L'Homme --
Trickle-bed reactors : dynamic tracer assessments, response reviews, and modeling of reactor functionality / A.A. El-Hisnawi, M.P. Duduković, and P.L. generators --
Exothermic fuel absorption with advanced response : sulfonation and discoloration within the absorption of sulfur trioxide in dodecylbenzene / R. Mann, P. Knysh, and J.C. Allan --
research of chemical and actual procedures in the course of devolatilization of a unmarried, huge particle of wooden / R. Wai Chun Chan and Barbara B. Krieger --
Characterization of nonisobaric diffusion as a result of nonequimolar fluxes in catalyst debris / C. McGreavy and M. Asaeda --
Coke deposition on a advertisement nickel oxide catalyst through the steam reforming of methane / Steve Paloumbis and Eugene E. Petersen --
actual facets in natural liquid-phase oxidations / T. Sridhar and O.E. Potter --
Structural diversifications as a device to investigate the mechanism of noncatalytic solid-gas reactions / Sevil Ulkutan, Timur Dogu, and Gulsen Dogu --
warmth move in packed reactor tubes appropriate for selective oxidation / T. Wellauer, D.L. Cresswell, and E.J. Newson --
a brand new chemical approach for the learn of neighborhood micromixing stipulations in business stirred tanks / J.P. Barthole, R. David, and J. Villermaux --
issues of macromixing and micromixing in semi-batch stirred bioreactors / R.K. Bajpai and M. Reuss --
blending, diffusion, and chemical response in one screw extruder / R. Chella and J.M. Ottino --
Mathematical version of low density polyethylene tubular reactor / G. Donati, L. Marini, G. Marziano, C. Mazzaferri, M. Spampinato, and E. Langianni --
The impression of combining on steady-state and balance features of low density polyethylene vessel reactors / C. Georgakis and L. Marini.

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K. LIAW, J. VILLADSEN, and R. JACKSON University of Houston, Department of Chemical Engineering, Houston, TX 77004 In many c a t a l y t i tures coke is deposite sequently be removed. This paper describes a mathem a t i c a l model and a s s o c i a t e d computer s i m u l a t i o n o f the o x i d a t i o n of coke from a f i x e d bed o f c a t a l y s t , using n i t r o g e n c o n t a i n i n g a s m a l l p r o p o r t i o n of oxygen. A r e l i a b l e s i m u l a t i o n is important, f o r example, i n planning coke burning from c a t a l y t i c reformers, where e x c e s s i v e l y high temperatures can cause s i n t e r i n g o f metal crystallites.

Then the f o l l o w i n 2 1) The accumulation term i s neglected i n the oxygen balance w i t h i n a p e l l e t . 2) The accumulation term i s n e g l e c t e d i n the oxygen balance f o r the f l o w i n g gas. 3) Temperature v a r i a t i o n w i t h i n a p e l l e t i s n e g l e c t e d . 4) Energy accumulation terms a s s o c i a t e d with the gas are neglected compared with those a s s o c i a t e d with the s o l i d . 5) L a t e r a l composition and temperature v a r i a t i o n s vanish and a x i a l d i s p e r s i o n of heat and matter i s n e g l e c t e d .

ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1982. VORTMEYER AND WINTER Fixed-Bed Chemical Reactor Performance Figure 8. Key is the same as in Figure 6. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1982. 58 CHEMICAL REACTION ENGINEERING u(r) û Figure 9. Calculatedflowprofiles inside packed beds after Ref. 4. 6. p p 800 Figure 10. Axial temperature profiles in a wall cooled reactor. 005; T = 613 K; and Re = 20. Key: Φ, measured points; , calcu­ lated with uniformflow;and , calcu­ lated with nonuniform flow.

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