Castles And Tower Houses Of The Scottish Clans 1450-1650 by Stuart Reid PDF

By Stuart Reid

ISBN-10: 1841769622

ISBN-13: 9781841769622

Aside from the main royal websites, akin to Stirling and Edinburgh, few Scottish castles have been situated at strategic issues, or have been meant to deal with garrisons required to guard or subjugate cities. as an alternative they have been basically fortified residing homes, erected in an atmosphere of susceptible Royal authority and endemic feuding among rival clans and teams, in either Highland and Lowland components. even if a few enceinte castles have been built in the course of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, such a lot shielding building keen on the tower residence, a particular vernacular sort of Scottish fortification. This e-book examines the layout, improvement, and objective of those quintessentially Scottish structures, and in addition covers higher websites similar to Urquhart and Blackness.

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