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U. de Lucena, W. de Paula, E. C. de Rey Neto, S. T. de Souza, A. C. Fauth, C. Frajuca, G. Frossati, S. R. Furtado, L. C Lima, N. S. Magalhaes, R. M. , E. S. Matos, J. L. Melo, O. D. Miranda, N. F. , B. W. Paleo, M. A. Remy, K. L. Ribeiro, C. Stellati, W. F. Velloso Jr. and J. Weber 1965 EXPLORER and NAUTILUS: Present Status P. Astone, C. Cosmelli, G. V. Pallottino, M. Bassan, P. Coccia, I. Modena, Y. Minenkov, A. Moleti, G. Pizzella, D. Babusci, S. D Antonio, V. Fafone, G. Giordano, A. P. Modestino, L.

Williams 1898 • Wormholes, Energy Conditions and Time Machines Chairperson: T. Roman Comments on the Allowed Spatial Distributions of Negative Energy L. H. Ford, Adam D. Heifer and Thomas A. Roman 1903 Temperature of Wormhole with Exotic Matter Soon-Tae Hong and Sung-Won Kim 1906 Some Thoughts on Energy Conditions and Wormholes Thomas A. Roman 1909 • Exact Solutions (Mathematical Aspects) Chairperson: Alberto Garcia What Does a Dynamical Magnetic Monopole Do? Gyula Fodor and Istvdn Rdcz 1925 New Euclidon Method of Generating Stationary Vacuum Einstein Fields Ts.

1515 Black Hole Formation in the Grazing Collision of High-Energy Particles Hirotaka Yoshino and Y. Nambu 1518 Rotating Black Holes/Rings at Future Colliders Daisuke Ida, Kin-ya Oda and Seong Chan Park 1524 Characteristics of Cosmic Ray Showers Mediated by Black Holes Luis A. Anchordoqui, Jonathan L. Feng, Haim Goldberg and Alfred D. Shapere 1538 • Perturbations of Collapsed Configurations Chairperson: Zoltan Perjes Perturbations and Gravitomagnetism in the Kerr-Taub-NUT Spacetime Donato Bini, Christian Cherubini, Robert T.

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