Can Cows Walk Down Stairs? Perplexing Questions Answered - download pdf or read online

By Paul Heiney

ISBN-10: 0752474200

ISBN-13: 9780752474205

Can Cows stroll Down Stairs?
Perplexing Questions Answered

Edited via Paul Heiney, illustrations by way of invoice Ledger

What is ear wax for? Do micro organism have intercourse? How do they placed stripes in toothpaste? Does your nostril run in area? What are stars made up of? This publication solutions these tantalising or complicated questions for that you notion you'd by no means locate a solution. A publication for the evidently curious, in addition to these seekers after medical truths, it unravels either these issues we take with no consideration, comparable to wehn you boil an egg, why does the yolk remain within the center, or why is the sky blue, in addition to questions which probe deeply, similar to, what does an atom seem like, or what used to be there ahead of the start of time? when you have been to put in writing within the airborne dirt and dust at the moon, how enormous might the letters need to be so that you may possibly see them from earth with no telescope? Drawing at the services of a workforce of enthusiastic scientists around the globe, authoritative, interesting, and infrequently a marginally funny, it is going to attract a person who's ever been involved in lifestyles in the world.

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