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If you move the body from the one into the other position the particle of the body covering a point p of V will afterwards cover a certain point p' of V', and thus the result of the motion is a mapping p p' of V upon V'. We can extend the rigid body either actually or in imagination so as to cover an arbitrarily given point /I of space, and hence the congruent mapping p - + p f can he extended to the entire space. Any such congruent transformation-I call it by that name because it evidently has an a similarity or an autoinverse p' -+ p-is norp phi sin; you can easily convince yourselves that this follows from the very concepts.

Birkhoff has to say on the mathematics of poetry and music in the two publications quoted in Lecture r, note 1. 8 metry, namely by one that is carried into itself by all rotations around a certain axis, for instance by a vase. Fig. 29 shows an attic vase of the geometric period which displays quite a number of simple ornaments of this type. The principle of symmetry is the same, although the style is no lo~lger"geometric," in this Khodian pitcher (Fig. G. Other illustrations are such capitals as these from early Egypt (Fig.

One could make the picture still more impressive by adding the leaning tower with its six galleries of arcades all having rotary symmetry of the same high order and the dome itself, the exterior of whose nave displays in columns and friezes patterns of the lineal translatory type of symmetry while the cupola is surrounded by a colonnade of high order rotary symmetry. An entirely different spirit speaks to us from the view, seen from the rear of the choir, of the Romanesque cathedral in Mainz, Germany (Fig.

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