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Dealing successfully with the matter of bullying in colleges is now acknowledged as a huge problem for educators of adolescents. profitable interventions to prevent, or maybe lessen, bullying in colleges are tricky to accomplish; besides the fact that, the case for making improvements to the effectiveness of college interventions in situations of bullying is overwhelming. extra awareness has to be paid to what will be performed in addressing real instances of  Read more...

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But the school staff are ultimately responsible for the steps that are taken. Peer counsellors may be trained and given the authority to counsel students who have become involved in bully/victim problems, essentially by listening and considering ways in which the problem may be solved. In doing so, they may play a useful role – especially since many students are more ready to seek help from their peers than from teachers. But their role is limited to applying skills of mediation and support, typically in cases of relatively low-level bullying or harassment.

When only the members of the friendship group are present, each of them can be expected to reinforce each other. They may act as a group or mob, or allow one or more of their group to engage overtly in the bullying, thus acting the part of an appreciative audience. Often, however, there are students present who are not part of the friendship group and these bystanders may at times speak up and discourage the bullying. 8 20 A brief background to school bullying Summary In preparing to intervene, an awareness of the main features of bullying is nec- essary.

But rarely in practice do people take this stand. The policeman may overpower the robber; the soldier may fire on the enemy; the teacher may exclude the unruly student from the classroom; the student may strike back at his tormentor – in these and many other cases there may be justification or at least partial justification for a show of aggression. Hence we must insist that bullying is always unjustified aggression. We must also recognise the fact that what is or isn’t justified is to some degree ­culturally determined – and that even within a particular culture individuals may make different judgements.

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