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The following subjects should be considered for possible individual study in each case: a) numbers, types, sizes and shapes of present and/or expected vessels; b) provision of tugs, navigational aids and marine traffic control; c) pilotage; d) berthing; e) mooring patterns, practices, systems and load measurements; f) berth occupancy, ship queuing times, port downtime and the effects of sea and weather conditions; g) requirements of cargo handling, roll-on roll-off (ro-ro) traffic, storage and other activities, including the need or otherwise to allow for future change, or flexibility in operational usage; h) regulations affecting any of the previous operations a) to g).

2 Measurement Different applications require different methods of measurement. Surface temperature variations over a large area can be determined using infrared techniques from either an aircraft or satellite. Variation at a point can be monitored by comparison of multiple passes of the remote sensing apparatus. On a smaller scale or where depth profiles are required, continuous or repetitive measurements are taken using thermal sensors, such as thermistors, resistance bulbs, thermocouples and mercury-in-glass thermometers.

The patch can be crossed and recrossed in zigzag fashion, commencing and terminating when the detectors show zero tracer concentration above background. It should be remembered with dye tracing that the boundaries thus recorded are wider than those estimated visually, because the sensitivity of the measuring instruments is greater than that of the eye. Alternatively, or in addition, a regular grid within the area of expected travel can be sampled or if sufficient craft are available they can moor at separate locations and measure the change of concentration with time at these fixed points.

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