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By Katie Ford

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In Katie Ford's 3rd assortment, she units her track into lyrics wrung from the world's hazards. Blood Lyrics is a mother's tune, one seared with the information that her nation wages lengthy, aching wars during which now not all lives are equivalent. there's good looks imparted, too, however it arrives at a value: "Don't say it's the attractive / I praise," Ford writes. "I compliment the human, / gutted and rising."

"Katie Ford's is a finely-wrought lyrical good looks, a poetry of aspect and care, yet she has set it inside of an epic arc." —Poetry

"Katie Ford’s beautiful new assortment, Blood Lyrics, files the impassioned reckonings of a mom whose upfront born daughter struggles slowly towards overall healthiness and defense. those poems come to be wrenching interrogations of religion because the speaker searches, frequently in useless, for any panorama of consoling wholeness or metaphysical peace. Ford additionally confronts the extra public international, the single given over to battle, torture, and perpetual violence. The strain of prayer either drives and breaks aside those blood lyrics, which assemble web page by way of web page into a fantastic tune of fierce decision and defiant praise."—David St. John

“It will be adequate to have this one poem: ‘To bomb them / we mustn’t have heard their music’—but there’s even more within the e-book. Katie Ford is laconic, sharp, remarkable. There’s poetry in those poems.”—Adam Zagajewski

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