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As well as delivering information regarding historical environments and macroevolution, microfossils can be utilized to correlate absolutely the a while of rocks. Following the improvement of biostratigraphy from classical origins into petroleum exploration and deep-ocean drilling, this survey explores extensive the unusually huge software of biostratigraphic equipment. The publication should be crucial examining for college kids and researchers operating in basin research, series stratigraphy, palaeoceanography, palaeobiology and comparable fields.

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Whilst Moore (1941) was presenting a splendid, still relatively early example of the power of microfossil (foraminiferal) zones dipping seawards in the Tertiary of the US Gulf Coast region (Fig. 10), problems were accumulating in perceiving distinctions between facies fossils and chronologically significant fossils. Among several examples appreciating this divergence, the paper by Lowman (1949) is outstanding in its imaginative use of the dense subsurface sampling of the US Gulf Coast and its exploiting the actualistic link between modern and ancient patterns in foraminiferal distribution and biofacies.

Moore gave us a comprehensive if fictitious sketch of taxa and ranges to show the relations of time divisions and their equivalents based on fossil invertebrates (Fig. 9). It is revealing to one inured in the use of microfossil zones and datums (Chapter 2) to see how Moore’s chart treats biozones– biochrons and especially teilzones–teilchrons. Thus, the total local or ‘absolute’ range is treated for each taxon. There is no discussion here of the notion of lining up – ordinating – events from different taxa in succession – first and last appearances; tops and bottoms of the teilzones – so that that succession can be subjected to test elsewhere and the nagging problem of incomplete ranges can be resolved.

Pseudoscitula pseudoscitula var. aff. crassula 2b 2a Schackoina cenomana Schackoina multispinata Hantkenina liebusi Hantkenina alabamensis Gümbelitria sp. Gümbelina globulosa Gümbelina tessera Gümbelina crinita Gümbelina budensis Pseudotextul. elegans Pseudotextularia eggeri P. elegans var. acervul. P. elegans var. varians 10a 7b 10c 8a 7a 8c 8b 12a 10b 9c 9a 9b 13a 11c Fig. 6. Die Verbreitung der Planktonforaminiferen in der Oberkreide und im Paläogen des Kaukasus. I Cenoman, II Turon, III Turon?

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