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When lipids separate, proteins concentrate in a lipid region for which they show preferential affinity, thereby depleting other lipid domains. The behavior of ATPase from sarcoplasmic reticulum in liposomes exemplifies the solidification events (24), whereas the human myelin basic protein with its preference for acidic phospholipids is an example of the separation sequence (26). In both cases the total energy change for the final state must outweigh the entropy that would be gained by random mixing.

A novel bacteriophage infectious for B. acidocaldarius strain TA-6 was first isolated from Beppu hot springs, Japan by Sakaki and Oshima (1976). 5. It can grow in a medium over a pH range from 2-5, but it is unstable above pH 6. Phage φΝΞΙΙ has a polyhedral shape with a spike-like structure and its diameter is 60-70 nm (Fig. 1). FIGURE I. Electron micrograph of purified $NS11. The purified phage was negatively stained with uranyl acetate. Fatty Acids in Acido-Thermophilic Bacterial Membranes 33 Based on sensitivity to nucleases, the nucleic acid of φΝ511 was shown to be double stranded DNA, Pancreatic DNase degraded more than 90% of the phage DNA, while RNases or nucleases specific for single stranded nucleic acid degraded less than 1% of the phage DNA.

The fatty acid methyl esters prepared by the same manner from the dried phage particles were analysed. The novel fatty acids, 11-cyclohexyl undecanoic acid and 13-cyclohexyl tridecanoic acid, were also detected in the phage (Fig. 5). The complex lipids of the phage resembles that of B. acidocaldarius TA-6 (Fig. 6). BIOSYNTHESIS OF ω-CYCLOHEXYL FATTY ACIDS Glucose had a marked effect on the biosynthesis of ωcyclohexyl fatty acids. The amount of ω-cyclohexyl fatty acids synthesized increases when increasing amounts of M.

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