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By Barbara Dowds

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This booklet foregrounds the existence struggles of a unmarried ""frustrated"" person in order that argument and theoretical exploration come up organically out of expertise. The strategy is integrative, enlisting quite a few types of remedy - psychodynamic, body-oriented, Gestalt, existential - in addition to neuroscience, philosophy, and literature. The e-book additionally exhibits how developmental deficits engage with socio-cultural  Read more...

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We repress, not just our own badness but also the badness of the other. We relate consciously to the world with a central ego (the self as we like to believe we are) connecting to the ideal object (others the way we would like them to be). Consigned to the unconscious are two further aspects of the ego: the anti-libidinal ego bound to the rejecting object and the libidinal (needy) ego bonded to the exciting object. The needy libidinal ego is further rejected and disowned by the angry anti-libidinal ego.

There are two key differences in the circumstances of these two characters. Jack’s mother (or ‘Ma’) adores him and depends on him; now that she has a purpose in life—her child—she puts sustained energy into stimulating him and dividing the days into maintaining the environment, getting exercise, creating games, and planning their escape. Whatever the task, it becomes another enjoyable game and reassuring ritual for Jack. Kevin’s mother, on the other hand, tries hard but is ambivalent about motherhood from the beginning, while his father is truth-denying, non-limit-setting, full of phoney camaraderie, and one of the most dishonest, irresponsible, and treacherous (towards T H E R O OT S O F B O R E D O M A N D A D D I C T I O N 29 the mother) characters I have ever had the pleasure of hating in fiction.

At the same time, she and her boyfriend bought a house together, despite her doubts about him and their life together and despite her claustrophobic anxiety about commitment. She found herself having panic attacks before public speaking, and in the bank while arranging a mortgage. Suddenly her terror was spilling out beyond her control. However, her ferocious willpower and superego did not allow for withdrawing from commitments once she had made them, so she went ahead with the relationship, the house, and the promotion.

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