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Helping first-time headteachers make the transition to formal management, this source offers crucial help and encouragement to assist them satisfy their capability as academic leaders.

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Nationally or locally then, it may be possible for the appropriate agency to prepare and induct new leaders in such a way as to diminish the custodial effect of the organization. Collective preparation and induction can thus impart a systemic need over (latent) organizational desire and we can see evidence of this in licensure programmes such as the NPQH and with induction programmes run nationally, such as HIP, or locally by independent trusts, local authorities or a diocese. We can even see an occupational dimension to this with regard to professional associations and bodies, each of whom have a perspective on their members’ behaviour and have established codes of practice and accompanying disciplinary procedures.

Reflection is the art of thinking through issues and developing possible solutions. There are two aspects to reflection: reflection-on-action and reflection-in-action. Most of us engage in reflection-on-action where we go over previous events in our mind or explore possible solutions to pending issues, but all the time in those moments away from the cause of our thoughts. These can be deliberate thinking sessions or an invasive version, which causes you to daydream or, worse still, to lie awake at night.

People who know themselves very well have a high level of intrapersonal intelligence, whilst people who understand the motives and actions of others are deemed to have high levels of interpersonal intelligence. EI can be represented as a continuum, however, that draws upon the individual ability to understand and react appropriately to any given social situation. Some people do this intuitively, whilst others prefer to engage in systematic analysis, with these two aspects representing the polar extremes of the EI continuum.

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