Beethoven. by Beethoven, Ludwig van; Crowest, Frederick James; Beethoven, PDF

By Beethoven, Ludwig van; Crowest, Frederick James; Beethoven, Ludwig van

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All He had wielded the was eventually discovered, however. baton and led the band, but that this was more by eye He was as deaf to than ear became painfully palpable. the applause at the conclusion as he had been to the The loving soul already strains of his own music. the sight he mentioned turned him round and lo ! met must have made his heart bleed. " Incessant work and a resolute will were the mainstays 1 September I7th, 1824. 34 Brotherly Relationships upon which the great existence now depended.

Matters eventuated otherwise, however ; and one more chapter was spared probably in the long narrative of Beethoven's experiences and methods in lodgings. Happily Czerny, who had a lovable dis- position, thoroughly reciprocated the good feelings of his illustrious mentor, and never tired of expressing how much he owed to Beethoven's teaching and influence. Misfortune about this juncture began to play a part in the Beethoven's life drama. In 1801 he lost his patron Elector of Cologne and some writers say that with his decease a bounty which the prince bestowed also ceased, and that Beethoven now for the first time began to work We have seen with a view to earn his daily sustenance.

No Beethoven one can conceive," he wrote to the Baroness Droszdick, " the intense happiness I feel in getting into the country, among the woods, my dear trees, shrubs, hills and dales. am convinced that no one loves country life as I do. " It was this rage for the fresh air and fields which made him such a bad stay-at-home bird, whether he was sheltered amid the palatial surroundings of some princely patron, or whether sojourning in the less luxurious and comfortless atmosphere of some one of his frequently-changed lodgings.

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Beethoven. by Beethoven, Ludwig van; Crowest, Frederick James; Beethoven, Ludwig van

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