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By C. G. Jung

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Essays which country the basics of Jung's mental process: "On the Psychology of the Unconscious" and "The kin among the Ego and the Unconscious," with their unique types in an appendix.

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As examples I would mention the identification of the Australian aborigines with their ancestors in the alcheringa period, identification with the "sons of the sun" among the Pueblos of Taos, the Helios apothe­ osis in the Isis mysteries, and so on. Accordingly, the therapeutic method of complex psychology consists on the one hand in mak­ ing as fully conscious as possible the constellated unconscious contents, and on the other hand in synthetizing them with con­ sciousness through the act of recognition.

THE ARCHETYPES AND THE COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS favour of masculinity. The smaller number of feminine genes seems to form a feminine character, which usually remains un­ conscious because of its subordinate position. 59 With the archetype of the anima we enter the realm of the gods, or rather, the realm that metaphysics has reserved for itself. Everything the anima touches becomes numinous—uncondi­ tional, dangerous, taboo, magical. She is the serpent in the para­ dise of the harmless man with good resolutions and still better intentions.

But not every man is a fisherman. 27 52 Whoever looks into the water sees his own image, but behind it living creatures soon loom up; fishes, presumably, harmless dwellers of the deep—harmless, if only the lake were not haunted. They are water-beings of a peculiar sort. 28 27 [The "Fischottermarchen" in Marchen aus dem Unbewussten, pp. ] 28 Cf. Paracelsus, De vita longa (1562), and my commentary in "Paracelsus as a Spiritual Phenomenon" [concerning Melusina, pars. 179^. aigS-J· ARCHETYPES OF THE COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS Nixies are entrancing creatures: Half drew she him, Half sank he down And nevermore was seen.

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