V. Odajnyk's Archetype and Character: Power, Eros, Spirit, and Matter PDF

By V. Odajnyk

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Introducing a brand new typology in response to energy, Eros, topic and Spirit because the motivations that outline human attitudes and behavior, the e-book outlines 8 character kinds in keeping with the extraverted and introverted deployment of the 4 drives and applies those typological different types to Freud, Adler and Jung.

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Like the four functions, the four archetypes are arranged in opposing pairs: Power–Eros; Physis–Pneuma. I also make a distinction between the two pairs. Power and Eros are styles or ways of functioning; Physis and Pneuma are the two areas in which the functioning takes place. Individuals who use Power as a style of functioning, have a desire to exercise dominance or control in all areas of life—inner or outer reality, personal and social relations. Those with Eros as the main style are primarily concerned with union, again, in all areas of life—in mental or imaginal constructs, in the physical universe and in human relationships.

Periclean Athens, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Reformation and the Enlightenment were various expressions of the archetype of Pneuma or Spirit. Interest in matters of spirit dominated these periods and movements. Our modern era, possibly as a counterbalance to the previous dominance of Spirit, is under the influence of the archetype of Matter. The physical world is our main area of preoccupation, with science, technology and massive production and consumption of material goods leading the way.

Eros types are no less adept at domination and control—through uncompromising demands for relatedness and shared feelings. The vices of Power are arrogance, rivalry and ambition, those of Eros are jealousy and possessiveness. As every parent, spouse and family member knows “the ties that bind” are difficult to break. There is such a thing as the tyranny of love just as there is the tyranny of power. Two days after he became engaged to his wife, Freud confessed, “I am so exclusive where I love” .

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