Peter N. Stearns's American Fear: The Causes and Consequences of High Anxiety PDF

By Peter N. Stearns

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Americans became excessively worried, and manipulation via worry has turn into an important challenge in American society, with actual impression on coverage. through the use of info from 11th of September, this publication makes a particular contribution to the exploration of modern worry, but in addition through constructing a old standpoint, the e-book exhibits how and why specified American fears have emerged over the last a number of many years.

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Few people saw much purpose in outward emotion, at a time when open expressions of fear were not in vogue. A few children later recalled anxious mothers, though interestingly they themselves often professed to find the moment “exhilarating,” which means that parental upset was kept in sufficient bounds that children did not absorb the signals they would six decades later. Some men, in fuller contrast, immediately rushed to sign up for military service (a phenomenon that recurred to a lesser extent in the days after September 11).

The children think it’s great fun. indb 29 8/22/06 11:59:13 AM 30 • American Fear ready the children to defend democracy. We can all do without cars and washers if necessary, but the schools must go forward. Max Weissberg, also of New York, had served in World War I. He’d promised his mother he’d be back soon when she started to cry. In fact, it took quite a while to get back. “Confidence is ninety-nine percent of your battle, and if everybody would feel that way they’d all come back. ” Mrs. Hannah Watkins was a housewife in Nashville.

I have never felt such fear as an American. I was afraid. ” She was instructed not to talk with her students until right before dismissal, and then to tell them not to worry. “That was the most difficult task I have ever been given. I was afraid, very afraid, and I could hardly hold back tears when trying to assure my students …. I do not know anyone that died in September 11, however the people that did are the people of us all …. ”20 Stories of this sort are hardly the only evidence about reactions to the events of September 11, but they provide particularly interesting comparative opportunities the Pearl Harbor data.

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