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So, when Blok eventually "joined in" politics, it was not to demand the freedom of the Press or even Representative Go­ vernment. It was to march rather vaguely with a redflagat the head of a wor­ ker's procession, to the ill-contained amusement of some of his more aes­ thetic colleagues such as Valeriy Bryusov. In the same way when, after 1917, he clearly felt himself to be an internationalist, his vision was the ultra-modern one of the older nations "walking arm in arm" with the new, under-de­ veloped countries destined to build a new culture on the ruins of the old· Blok was not interested in "abstractions", either political or philosophic.

I have recognized 20 INTRODUCTION every word in these legends which say that You are not and never will be with me. And I have grown accustomed to them—and felt at home with them. I am familiar with separation, tormenting and infinite. I am not yet familiar with reunion". " Although Blok a few years later had to renounce all attempt to write of "The Most Beautiful Lady", although his marriage was in many ways un­ happy, yet his wife always fulfilled for him the function of Hagia Sophia working through the Beloved: she lent substance to his higher self and, to his spiritual existence, an earthly significance which it lacked without her, thus remaining always "the holy place of his soul".

And the seer falls, struck dumb, Hearing the thunder close upon the road) —this thunderous roaring sound rumbles through all Blok's w o r k : "EJIH3KIÌÌI ryji B nyTn" (1901), " T O T ryji, κ ο τ ο ρ υ ϋ B03pacTaeT TaK βυοτρο, HTO C KaJKftHM TOflOM MH CJIHUIHM ΘΓΟ ΗΟΗΘΗ H HCHefi" (1908), "JIlOftH KyJIL·TypH, CTopoHHHKH nporpecca, οτβορΗΗθ HHTejiJinreHTH—c neHOü y pTa οτροητ MaraHHH, ABHraioT Bnepëfl Hayny, B TaüHon 3Jio6e, CTapancB 3aÖHTB n ΗΘ cjiHniaTL· ryji CTHXHH 3ΘΜΗΗΧ H nofl3eMHBix, npo6yHî,niaionj[HHCH TO TaM, TO 3Aecb" (1908), "ECTB HeMOTa—TO ryji HaôaTa" (1914), "ΜΗΘ HaniraaeT Ka3aTBCH, HTO 3a ropoACKHM ryjioM H cjiHiny em;ë KaKOö-το ryji" (August 1917), " H a flHHX, jiema.

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