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No. 2 Wing. f l"" 'nna. aU_50. lon AI. f ... XIV. , l e _ . C... M7_. •','IOV. ,_ ",. h .... f,ght •• School. C.. , yd •• 1M7_. n AI. Fot .... IUI(. F 11 Wh'll. ,w. A', Force. , P~ . )(I)(. h Air Forn. ,--. I , PR . XIX. l lh. 1 AI! f o re•. I", No. dron. """). • FII. XJV. 1 AI. F.. ", • . U. ~ AI. f .. ,,,.. 2Z $v. n AI. Fore.. tI,. M~ . lb. '1~. n, Sq"od,on_ M8U5 . Juno''''S. r; .. MUb. flown by ll . Cdr, , S . tI •• Mk ,lle. No. _ Squad,on. M ay 1",5. MB3 12 c _ .. 1/ •S.. I1,. "' . No. on, T" ...

Gil. ge links. hl" onil IUel 45 Imp. gal. ",h l)per" link . 400 lb. 300 lb. M.. 600 10. Armam i nt Two 20 mm. • nd tou' 0·303 in. g" g,,,,ng I combined we,ght 01 lor. 0 1 7·4 lb. De' l econd. One 500 lb. bomb. or two or Ih, •• 250 lb. bombs. 'ghl 60 lb. 'OCkIIS. Perform ance M.. 000 II. Cru... h. m. d,ul 0 1 IChon/ endurance; 180-200 m,111/2 hr. 20 m,n. 000 I\. h. lAS. lI,nG spHd. h. lAS. Gene'al Span/WIng l 'eI. /2 4 2 Sq. II. LlnOth 32 It. 8 ,no He'O"I ; 12 h. 191 111 Iml). gil. ,n JuselaOe end wing la nks.

LV. Fighter Sc hool. yd •. Balglln Air Fo,ca. 1547_. NO' lor sal. A Thl Bllksh,r. PnnlORog Co .. Ltd.. C OSJ)"y Publ'C~I,on$ Ltd. ~ng Griffon-Spitfires from 1943 10 1954. ,k numbers ... given in .... abie numerals. Chaoges in coda latHI' •. 0/ .... 01 opeer typo 01 aire/II! or Me,lin-Spitfi ... The following Ibbr"';ations apply: Duty : , "'"ETO "ME " MC FA B ... : ,, • "" "" " "" , TA SON. DUTY BASE 26 J2 60 73 80 "" '" '" '" ". '" ,,. ' 30 "5 26.

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Aircam Aviation Series No.8 - Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XII-24, Supermarine Seafire Mk.I-47 by E R Hooton

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