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By Thor Hansen, Irwin Slesnick

ISBN-10: 0873552725

ISBN-13: 9780873552721

Hundreds of thousands of years after vanishing from the Earth, dinosaurs nonetheless have the ability to stir students’ interest. Deepen that curiosity with Adventures in Paleontology, a chain of full of life hands-on actions particularly for heart schoolers. This superbly illustrated complete colour publication gains 36 actions that open scholars as much as quite a few foundational sciences, together with biology, geology, chemistry, physics, and astronomy. for instance: • “How Do Fossils Form?” discusses how organisms develop into fossils and illustrates the concept that with actions that simulate fossil-making methods. • “What are you able to examine From Fossils?” explores what fossils educate approximately old organisms. • “Mass Extinction and Meteor Collisions With Earth” discusses lately found hyperlinks among meteor and asteroid affects in the world and the dying of animals like dinosaurs. different chapters hide how one can inform the age of the Earth; how dinosaurs advanced; and variety, category, and taxonomy.! the ultimate chapters supply humanistic views on fossils in literature and paintings. As an eye-catching supplement to the textual content, vibrant complete colour illustrations exhibit not only skeletons and animal tracks but additionally what dinosaurs most likely seemed like of their typical settings. convenient line drawings advisor scholars via every one step of the actions.

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You can test this by getting in a pool. If you take a deep breath and lie face down in the water, you will float. Most people will tend to sink when they exhale. Therefore we (and most other F I G U R E 2 . 0]. So it stands to reason if you take an accurate scale model of a dinosaur, Apparatus used to measure the measure the weight of the water it displaces and then scale this volume of a dinosaur model. number up, you will get a reasonable estimate of the weight of the dinosaur. The tricky part is that a scale, say 1/40 scale, is a linear scale.

This is no coincidence. The geologic time scale was divided and named based on the great changes in life brought about by the extinctions. The extinction at the Mesozoic-Cenozoic boundary occurred about 65 million years ago. Its most famous victims were the dinosaurs, but many other groups went extinct including swimming and flying reptiles, many groups of mollusks, and many species of marine microplankton. Over 50 N AT I O N A L S C I E N C E T E A C H E R S A S S O C I AT I O N C H A P T E R half of all species went extinct at this time.

The waters of the sea of the great basin rose to flood many of the nest egg sites in the breeding ground of this species of dinosaur. You can see that one site still remained under water. The eggs at this site had not yet hatched 38 N AT I O N A L S C I E N C E T E A C H E R S A S S O C I AT I O N C H A P T E R A C T I V I T Y 2 7 at the time of the flood. The eggs were preserved in their original shape and appearance. A form of calcium carbonate from the water infiltrated the shell with a form of limestone.

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