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By Allan Frosch

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The identify of this e-book refers to a specific building of the realm that brooks no uncertainty: 'things are the way in which i think them to be'. there's no wrong way! it is a actual develop to one's self assurance - even supposing this conviction is predicated exclusively on our personal recommendations or instant event. whilst a gaggle or association percentage a one-dimensional view of the area the feel of conviction takes the shape of a inflexible ideology; and all different views has to be eliminated.The counterpart to concreteness, or what many check with as desymbolized thinking/experience or factor - shows, is extra summary considering or "symbolization". Symbolization refers to a procedure wherein we will be able to meaningfully take into account that an occasion could be checked out from quite a few views. Symbolization makes it attainable to examine issues in an "as if" manner instead of as "true" or absolute. it's a approach the place we will view our techniques as items of our strategies. We self-reflect. From a psychoanalytic...

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London: Hogarth. Frosch, A. (1995). The preconceptual organization of emotion. Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, 43: 423–447. Frosch, A. (1998). Narcissistic injury and sadomasochistic compensation in a latency-age boy. In: P. ), Narcissistic Disorders in Children and Adolescents: Diagnosis and Treatment (pp. 263–280). Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson. Frosch, A. (2002). Transference: Psychic reality and material reality. Psychoanalytic Psychology, 19: 603–633. Frosch, A. (2006). Analyzability.

Searles (1962) puts it as follows: concrete thinking has a static, fatalistic quality, associated with severe psychopathology that sets the person “hopelessly apart from his fellow human beings” (p. 23). What Searles is referring to here is the schizophrenic patient being stuck in a world where things are what they seem—absolute truth. In the world of the concrete, there is no differentiation between inside and outside, between thought and actuality, between self and other. Thoughts and emotions have a “thing” quality that is absolute.

Consider the following vignette presented by Dr Stefano Bolognini (IPTAR, 16 January 2011): In her first analytic session a woman in her mid-twenties presents a dream rich in religious and sexual imagery. As she begins to associate to the dream, she stops and asks the analyst whether he would prefer to be paid in cash or by cheque. In the context of this volume, this is a very clear example of the movement from the metaphorical to the concrete serving a defensive function. The patient seems to move away from the passionate imagery of the dream to the more prosaic topic of the business arrangements of the relationship.

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