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By James L. Stokesbury

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This concise account of the army use of the aircraft during the last seventy-five years covers significant conflicts in Spain, Korea, Vietnam, and either global wars, in addition to the adjustments in know-how, strategies, and attitudes towards using air energy.

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Boelcke's meeting with Fokker changed that, and by the time Fokker got back to Schwerin, he was met with the news that the German flier had flown three patrols and had succeeded in shooting down a French plane. From that time on, his score mounted rapidly. He spent a good deal of his time over the next fifteen months or so away from operations. For one thing, he had a good technical mind, so he was often working with Fokker himself. The E. 1 was somewhat under- observation and nuisance missions, and powered for the weight of its gun, so Fokker, aided by Boelcke's active experience and his advice, gradually upgraded the The little monoplane.

On island, his second to get that far up. was Finally the flying boat an observer. A yes indeed, the ship Then bad weather was sufficiently repaired to be able to carry third flight with a naval officer aboard confirmed that, was twelve miles set in; when it upriver, just as Cutler cleared, the navy wanted had to said. be sure went out for a fourth time, had engine trouble, and was forced down and captured by the Germans. A British rescue party succeeded only in burning the abandoned airits bird still in the nest.

On a cost-efficiency accounting, it was hardly worth the effort. But, as with the earlier raid, it was a beginning; there would someday be better airplanes, and better techniques, and greater results. fleet anchorage at Wilhelmshaven, where the dropped some bombs on a German cruiser. By the end of 1914, when the war was supposed to be over, it was down. In aviation, an early pattern was develop- in fact just settling 35 A SHORT HISTORY OF AIR POWER ing. The French were the first to commands and it, and had split their serwhich was attached to the army recognize vice into three types: reconnaissance, functioned largely as the light cavalry of earlier wars; mundane business of artillery spotting and correcand bombing.

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