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By Jonah Lehrer

ISBN-10: 1476761396

ISBN-13: 9781476761398

“Jonah Lehrer has much to supply the world….The ebook is fascinating on approximately each page….Good writers make writing glance effortless, yet what humans like Lehrer do isn't really effortless at all.” —David Brooks, The manhattan instances ebook Review

Science author Jonah Lehrer explores the mysterious topic of love.

Weaving jointly clinical reports from scientific psychologists, longitudinal stories of healthiness and happiness, ancient money owed and literary depictions, child-rearing manuals, and the language of on-line relationship websites, Jonah Lehrer’s A publication approximately Love plumbs the main mysterious, such a lot formative, most crucial impulse governing our lives.

Love confuses and compels us—and it could actually break and outline us. It has encouraged our best poetry, outlined our societies and our ideals, and governs our biology. From the best way babies connect to their mom and dad, to the best way we fall in love with another individual, to the best way a few discover a love for God or their pets, to the best way we bear in mind and mourn love after it ends, this e-book makes a speciality of learn that makes an attempt, even in glancing methods, to accommodate the long term and the typical. the main risky fantasy of affection is that it’s effortless, that we fall into the sensation after which the sensation looks after itself. whereas we will simply degree the dopamine that factors the preliminary emotions of “falling” in love, the partnerships and devotions that final many years or longer stay a secret. This e-book is ready that secret. Love, Lehrer argues, isn't really equipped exclusively on overwhelming ardour, yet, fascinatingly, on a collection of abilities to be cultivated over a life-time.

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She believed that her scripted experiment revealed a basic truth of life. Only in the midst of high drama—when a baby was repeatedly lost and found, abandoned and reunited—was Ainsworth able to learn about our attachment habits. III That’s why a clear majority of one-year-olds wept when left alone and expressed affection after their mother returned. But Ainsworth wasn’t interested in generalities—she wanted to understand every child, even those who violated her theoretical assumptions. 62 The problem with outliers is that they’re unusual.

Much of the research I write about is relatively new, which is another way of saying it might turn out to be wrong. This book dwells on aspects of love that speak to my own life. As such, it is an inherently subjective work, framed by my own memories and experiences. —remains the essential mystery of our lives. It’s a question we take for granted, a daily wonder that’s often ignored. It doesn’t help that we’ve come to define love in terms of Romeo’s fickle desire. Instead of praising the ordinary pleasures of intimacy, we celebrate the fleeting high.

When the scientists watched Tony with his toddler, they were struck by his devotion, how he hadn’t forgotten the lessons of early attachment. “An extraordinarily supportive father,” wrote the scientists. 93 In The Development of the Person, the Minnesota scientists compare our early attachment experiences to the foundation of a house. ” That’s what we get as young children: a foundation for attachment. 94 Such stories are just stories; nothing is proved when the n is 1. We will never know if Tony’s securely attached childhood enabled his adult recovery or if his experience of early love made his later resilience possible.

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