10 Minute Yoga Workouts: Perfect Weight, Perfect Shape - download pdf or read online

By Barbara Currie

ISBN-10: 0007129610

ISBN-13: 9780007129614

This ebook includes routines to tone and enterprise the physique, lightly operating the muscle tissues and inner organs, and preserving the backbone and joints in excellent stipulations.

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If you lift them one at a time the leg muscles will do the work. Lifting them both at once relies on the back muscles and could strain them. 4. 34 Now roll both legs to the left and relax there. Three breaths and then lift them back up one at a time. 2 4 2 Alleviating Spasms Alleviating spasms 3 5 We are going to do the second version of that exercise and increase that stretch even further. 1. 2. Roll both the legs to the right again and relax there. 3. Roll the elbow as far upwards as it will go and then allow it to roll outwards.

2. Allow them to lower slowly as you breathe out and make sure that they are going as far down as they can without force. 3. Repeat this move slowly three times. 25 Yoga Tips for People with Multiple Sclerosis 1 Realigning stooped shoulders 1. Sitting on a firm chair (dining, kitchen or patio), loosely link your fingers together behind you. note If they will not stretch to link behind the chair, link them behind your back. 2 2. On the in-breath slowly slide your hands up the back of the chair or your back as far as they will comfortably go.

2 3 1. Move your left arm slightly away from your side with the palm of your hand downwards. Try to lift the fingers on the in-breath and relax them back down on the out-breath. 2. Leave the fingers flat on the floor and lift the base of the palm up on the in-breath and relax them as you breathe out. 3. Leaving the wrist on the floor, try to stand the whole hand up on the in-breath and relaxing with the out-breath. 4. Repeat twice more. note It is very tempting and totally within human nature to want to do the best we can and we enjoy ‘succeeding’ so tend to favour the more co-operative side of the body.

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