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Each abstract embroidery piece is a study in emotional intention - while working on each piece, I focus on the meditative process and the feeling of calm and comfort that it brings. My intention is to transfer that feeling to the work, and by extension, to the viewer.

To place a custom order, you can email me at or scroll down this page and click on the order button for one of three sizes.

As I mentioned before, I save a lot of things that I think could potentially be used for art - I keep all of these supplies because they hold meaning and because I want to honor the memories that I have of those people, places, and experiences in my life.

I've also learned that the comfort I get from making my art is also experienced by people who own my work. This image shows my nephew showing off the new pieces in their home - yes, my brother and sister-in-law own these two pieces, so they might be a little bias with their statement, but they have told me how the art creates a calming atmosphere in the room.

"These two pieces are the perfect addition to our home.The photos posted only begin to convey how unique and magnificent they are in person.There is something about the texture of Kelly's work that draws the mind and heart in at the same time. The ways that the fabric is stretched and draped and the fibers thread through inspire contemplation. Visually these pieces continue to bring comfort and peace to our home each day. We absolutely love Kelly's work. She is an amazing artist with an equally amazing heart."

Some of my work holds memories of people I no longer see or who have passed-away. My piece, Thinking of Mary, was something I created in memory of a friend of mine who died of cancer. She was an amazing artist and huge inspiration. We did not spend a lot of time together but I always respected her opinion and cherished her feedback. Creating Thinking of Mary was the best way for me to process the experience of having her a part of my life. The piece is now hanging in my brothers home and brings his family a sense of comfort, which I am grateful for. There are plenty of things that we can be sad about and worry about and be angry about but I prefer to find a way to be comforted by the positive experiences in my life and turn the negative experiences into something beautiful. That is my goal - for myself and for everyone who owns my work. I want my work to provide a sense comfort and peace in your home. Not everyone will agree or believe that our feelings and intentions can become a part of the work we create, but I believe it is possible. Like the feeling you get when you walk into a room where someone was angry and feel the tension - you could "cut the tension with a knife". Or when you walk into a room full of people laughing, you can't help but smile.

If you would like me to create a piece of fiber art to honor your experience, then let's work together to design a piece that uses some of your yarn or fabric or paper in a way that brings you joy. I want you to look at the artwork and smile and feel a sense of comfort and peace and be reminded of the great things in life.

Custom fiber art pieces created specifically for you - incorporating bits and pieces of the yarn and fabric and paper that honor your story - When placing an order for a custom piece, please email or call to arrange the details, I will need to talk to you about the piece and learn your story.

Choose from my most popular sizes (price includes shipping):

12" x 12"
finished within the hoop or on stretcher bars
in hoop or on stretcher bars?

30" x 50"
finished on stretcher bars and ready to hang