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Creative Workshops

Mindful Art Center - Creative Workshops

I am happy to announce that all my workshops are now hosted on my server and will remain open forever! Part of the benefit of my workshops is the safe and welcoming environment established among the participants and I want to encourage that to continue indefinitely. In order to make the workshops and discussion forums even more beneficial they are open continuously for a year - no more time limits on participating - just renew each year to keep participating. Throughout the year, I will be adding new workshops, printable tools and worksheets, tutorials and patterns, basically anything I create that I think will be useful to you - once you sign up, you will have access to everything! When you sign up now, your membership fee will remain the same each year, even though you will be receiving new workshops and lessons. If the membership fee increases the next year it will only be affective for new members.

Feedback from previous workshop member:
"Kelly's teaching is sensitive and empowering. She fosters community in her workshops. She is very creative and brings that creativity to the workshop process"

"It was good to be able to drop-in at anytime and see what others were working on. It's wonderful to receive feedback on personal work and you were always responsive to individual posts."

The workshops will include .pdf files for you to download and save; videos of process and techniques where applicable; and a discussion forum for members to share their work, their ideas, and their support of each other. This discussion area is the heart of the workshops and I am always pleased to see how much support and respect members give to each other. I will be monitoring the discussion boards and participating weekly (if not more often) to answer questions and provide feedback.

The current workshops included:
***** Stitch Therapy *****
This workshop explores using fiber art as a method for personal awareness and healing. The process is part of the discovery. You are encouraged to explore techniques and materials - this is not a step-by-step instruction on how to create your final piece.

A materials kit is available here: Stitch Therapy kit

***** Daily Visual Journal *****
My Daily Visual Journal began as a challenge to myself to create art everyday and generate my own inspiration. This workshop illustrates some of the techniques used I use and how you can incorporate these techniques into your own daily visual journal. In addition, each technique is followed by a self reflection prompt for you to think about and write about on the backside of your visual journal entry.

***** Developing You Stitching Voice *****
I developed this workshop to help you create a successful series of work whether for a show or just for your own portfolio. This workshop is self-paced but will include check lists and check-ins to discuss progress.
Sections of the workshop are:
Choosing your theme
Managing time - the work schedule
Focus and Resistance
Finishing and Display
Individual critique and discussion of your work and progress on public discussion board and/or privately through email.

The annual fee to join the Workshops is $99, that is over 50% off of the overall cost of all the workshops and digital products that you receive! And, I will be adding more throughout the year.

** refund policy **

Please note that there are no refunds for the Creative Workshops membership. All purchases are final. If you decide that you no longer want access to all the workshops and downloadable materials, just send an email with "cancel Creative Workshops" in the subject line and you will not be charged the membership fee the following year but you will still have access until the end of your membership term. Also, the workshops and forums are designed as a safe and welcoming atmosphere and by joining you agree to behave appropriately and speak kindly to other workshop members. If you can not follow these simple rules, your membership will be canceled and you will not be allowed to participate in the workshops or forums.

** access to membership **

Since these are online workshops you will have access to all the materials for the duration of your membership (and the downloadable material is yours to keep if you cancel your membership). You are encouraged to download and save all the materials so that you will have access to them wherever you go regardless of internet connection.

(the discussion boards) "It was great, it was a nice mix of interaction with you and the other participants. This is the first class where I've actually used that. I think in part because your comments were thoughtful and supportive.

"Workshop was very inspiring, I found the process really relaxing"

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Creative Workshops

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