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Art Subscriptions 12x12

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If you would like me to create a piece of fiber art to honor your experience, then let's work together to design a piece that uses some of your yarn or fabric or paper in a way that brings you joy. I want you to look at the artwork and smile and feel a sense of comfort and peace and be reminded of the great things in life.

original 12 x 12 abstract embroidery fiber art piece mounted in hoop, created with positive intentions directly for you (or intended recipient) - provide me with names or just intentions, fabric/thread/ or paper pieces to include - I will imbed your piece with love and positive energy throughout.
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I save a lot of things that I think could potentially be used for art and I often remember where my art supplies come from - I remember that certain skeins of yarn were donated to me when I was facilitating knitting workshops at a cancer center. I know that other odds and ends of yarn were donated to me when I taught a knitting workshop as a meditative practice to high school kids. I have yarn that used to be a favorite sweater. I have a collection of bits and pieces of fabric, paper, and thread from participants in my Stitch Therapy workshop this past summer/fall. I have fabric from clothes that my kids wore when they were babies; old pillowcases and sheets from my husbands grandmother; hand-dyed fabric from college classes; leftover art supplies from student teaching... I keep all of these supplies because they hold meaning and because I want to honor the memories that I have of those people, places, and experiences in my life.

I honor those memories by incorporating bits and pieces of the yarn and fabric and paper into my artwork. I can look at the art I've created and remember how it felt to stitch the fabrics together and embroider texture and lines; I remember the comfort that I felt during that process and want others to feel that comfort when they see the work. So, not only am I honoring the experience I am also practicing self-care.

Some of my work holds memories of people I no longer see or who have passed-away. My piece, Thinking of Mary, was something I created in memory of a friend of mine who died of cancer. She was an amazing artist and huge inspiration. We did not spend a lot of time together but I always respected her opinion and cherished her feedback. Creating Thinking of Mary was the best way for me to process the experience of having her a part of my life.

Link to full blog post explaining my process.

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