This week I finished up two custom projects for some amazing clients / friends. The first project was a for a woman who wanted a custom name mandala for a group of her friends so we worked together to create personalized designs for each of them – she was thrilled with the results and I thoroughly enjoyed working on them. The second project was the one I posted yesterday of the 8” abstract embroidery hoop for the Munchkin / Witch’s Cat in Wizard of Oz. I loved the way it turned out and my friend was so happy with it – she loves it andRead More →

I love making art. I want to be an artist when I grow up. I want to support my family by selling my art. So then why do I get so anxious when I look at my work in progress!!!! I know this happens to a lot of artists and maybe it has something to do with my perfectionism, or the fear of judgement, or just the fact that I made a commitment to myself and following through is difficult. Whatever the reason, it’s uncomfortable to look at the work you love to do and feel a sense of dread. It makes me second guess myselfRead More →

As I work on my embroidery pieces each day and share the progress pictures on Instagram, I find myself checking the stats on how many people viewed it – did I get any comments – did I get any new followers??? None of that matters and it only makes me feel a little disappointed.. social media can be a great way to connect and it can also be a trap that makes you think your worth is judged in hearts and follows. It’s not – you’re worthy no matter what! I create art for myself first and sharing it with others is a choice IRead More →

Disclaimer: this post really is about the healing power of art – if I talk about my negative feelings about myself, I’m not looking for any type of compliment or reassurance, this is all a healing process and I’m becoming more aware of my feelings and how they can be very sneaky sometimes! I started this stitched self-portrait in mid February, 2019 and worked on it as often as I could over approximately 6 weeks. The image I used was a photo I took of myself in the morning, just out of bed and having taken the dog out, my hair was a mess, myRead More →

hand embroidered Hazel Eye

  This is my eye! My step-daughter took a picture of my eye while we were on the ferris wheel at Liberty Fest a couple summers ago. I really loved the detail in the image and decided to create a stitched image of it. While working on the piece I realized that in the reflection of the eye you can see two of the carnival rides in the distance – one is the giant swing that spins around and the individual swings go higher and further out… the other is the boat style ride that pendulums from one side to the other and when itRead More →